Welcome To Zilon

We help companies gain a sustainable business advantage by improving business operations using our Intelligent Operations Solutions Framework. These solutions collect accurate operational data, provided in real-time in a business context.

Build upon Hewlett-Packard software and hardware technology, our teams create innovative solutions specific and confidential to client’s business. HP Autonomy and Vertical products combined with Cloud and mobility technology provides robust infrastructure for custom solutions.

Since 2001, Zilon has delivered projects to companies small and large using experienced teams deployed globally with capability including business and technology. Our solutions are value focused:

  • Using IT to transform into Digital Business
  • Accelerating business decision making
  • Ensuring accurate quality data, first time with single source
  • Relevant data presented in the business context

  • Zilon brings an approach that is complete:

  • Business value and results focused approach
  • Expertise in real-time control & data
  • Comprehensive and global deployment capability

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